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Founded by Chris Craft in 2017, InspireFirst was launched to teach you the art and science of good writing. It is our goal to help you become a more productive and profitable writer.

We aim to do more than teach you about passive vs nonpassive income. We want to help you become a better, more confident writer. Read our story and get inspired to write, film, or record your story. Get ready to share your passion and calling to inspire others!

The Beginning

InspireFirst founder Chris Craft acted upon his dreams of launching media outlets under the Nao Media umbrella. But it wasn’t until he was introduced to the teachings of Brandon Gaille from The Blog Millionaire Podcast that he truly learned how to connect the science of keyword research with the art of blog writing. Going through Brandon’s course inspired Chris to launch InspireFirst. InspireFirst exists to help bloggers and writers like you to use your craft to inspire others and generate passive income.

What You’ll Learn at InspireFirst

Our motivation to help you become a better writer/blogger and affiliate marketer is expressed through our blog articles, books and courses. We cover the following topics on our blog:

Passive vs Nonpassive Income

InspireFirst is 100% pro passive income. We’re not saying that nonpassive income is bad. Our focus is to help writers put their time into making art with words.

Passive income is writing truly helpful articles and publishing them to generate revenue for you over time. Passive income accrues while you do other important things like spend time with family and friends or serve in your community.

About InspireFirst Founder Chris Craft

InspireFirst Founder - Chris Craft

First and foremost, Chris is a follower of Jesus Christ. He lives in the Atlanta area with his wife Wanda and their three super kids (Naomi, Maria and Elijah).

Learn more about my life story by listening to Episode 1 of The Chris Craft Show:

Chris started Nao Media in 2010 to deliver content and digital engagement services and products that help people, businesses and brands make better online connections with their customers, clients and community. Nao Media’s services and products are designed to promote the importance of telling stories and serving others through blog content.

Nao Media’s Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: To elevate the art and science of marketing.

Vision: To inspire other organizations to operate with biblical principles unashamedly.

Values (FACE):

Faith: Our core duty is to honor Jesus Christ in all that we do. Our faith empowers us to think and dream big!

ttention-to-Detail: We are a human organization that recognizes that each customer is unique. Understanding this, attention-to-detail is vital to how we analyze customer data and provide content and digital marketing services to them.

Commitment: We are committed to excellence in service and teamwork.

Education: We believe that success is achieved through the constant pursuit and application of knowledge. We aim to learn and grow from every experience.

Chris’s passion for doing business with biblical principles started his journey to learn more about mastering money (and not allowing money to master him). Curiosity, experimentation and the constant pursuit of knowledge led to the exciting launch of InspireFirst.

Chris Craft graduated from Morehouse College and Georgia Institute of Technology. Go Jackets! He’s also a basketball junkie. He enjoys occasionally playing pickup basketball and cheering for the Houston Rockets.

Follow Chris on Twitter @CraftWrites and on Instagram @CraftWrites.