4 Black Bloggers to Follow in 2021

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This Black History Month,we’re grateful for Black bloggers who are using their voice, style and content in the digital blogspace and occupying the internet in prominent ways. Whether it’s in entertainment, politics, food, or wellness, the diaspora of Black people are making themselves heard. So, we wanted to highlight four amazing blogs from the black community who are making waves online.

Though we have a long way to go, we have indeed come a long way as well. After all, there was a time when Black writers weren’t always able to be heard or have their work received by all — not that it necessarily stopped them. Slavery conditions generated a genre of writing, which we’ve now come to know as “Slave Narratives”. In the late 19th century to the Civil Rights era, while Jim Crow policies led to discrimination and violence in the South, Black writers were creating some of the greatest works of fiction of our collective history.

That’s why, as a way to celebrate the Black creators of our past, we want to highlight the path they’ve paved for creators in the present. Below are just a handful of Black bloggers who have successfully carved out their own personal corner of the internet.

Angela Davis | The Kitchenista

Since 2012, Angela Davis has consistently blogged and delivered mouth-watering food recipes on blogspot. Her blog, The Kitchenista Diaries, has blown up over time. A self-taught cook and mother from Detroit, Michigan, Angela Davis is now a published author with four cookbooks out.

She’s an inspiration, her recipes rock, and she’s become one of the more successful Black food bloggers in the country.

The Black Guy Who Tips

Blogging and podcasting duo, The Black Guy Who Tips, is a show hosted by husband and wife team, Rod and Karen. Aside from being hilarious, they’re cultural commentators who broadcast a whopping five times a week to share their humorous takes on the pop culture and current events. 

Saabirah Lawrence

Saabirah is an emerging English blogger and podcaster specializing in wellness and lifestyle content. Her writing incorporates images, graphics, and clips from her Youtube channel for a well-coordinated, multimedia experience.

She also recently launched a podcast show entitled, Saabirah’s Space. This young creative is a driven voice in the Black community making empowering content for writers, bloggers, and all-around creatives.

Very Smart Brothas

VerySmartBrothers is a group of Black writers, Black culture bloggers, and journalists who cover an amalgamation of stories. They’ve even scored interviews with former president Barack Obama thanks to their beautiful writing on Black issues. Known for their audacious, carrot-dangling headlines, VSB operates under The Root umbrella alongside popular culture platforms like The Glow Up and The Grapevine.


If you’re interested in checking out more Black bloggers to read and support, here are a few resources we’d like to provide. 

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We also just recently put out our favorite quotes from one of the greatest black writers and essayists from the 20th century, Toni Morrison. That article is worth checking out too for some more inspiration.

There isn’t a better time for Black writers and bloggers to have their voices heard. With so many platforms to choose from (digital or otherwise), if you’re a creative who has something on your chest, I would highly encourage you to use your voice. I would love to encourage those who are creative, those who have something on their chest, use your voice. Whether you want to be a travel blogger, lifestyle blogger, or a political blogger, embrace getting your voice out there and sharing your story.

Gregory Castel

Writer, Photographer, & Sweet Tea Addict.