Delegating Tasks: How to Grow a Blog by Learning to Let Go

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How good are you at maximizing your output by using time wisely? If you feel that you may be lacking a bit on this front for how to grow a blog (or anything), no need to worry…this article will help you be a better steward of your time. We’ve got some game changing tips for delegating tasks that will give you a new perspective on team building and productivity.

Delegate Up

Let’s start off with a couple truths. You don’t know how to do everything. And you aren’t the best at every task. For a specific example…if you know the basics of keyword research, there is likely someone out there who has a deeper knowledge who can help you find great long tail keywords for your editorial calendar. This doesn’t mean that your vision for your projects is invalid, but it does mean that you will do yourself a great favor by learning how to hand off certain parts of a project to talented individuals (or groups). Keep reading for more tips and tasks to delegate for growing a blog.

Consider Your Worth

You are the only one who truly knows what your time is worth. The market can help you set some general parameters for your worth, but you are the ultimate judge in a business sense. Keep the value of your time in mind as you go about your daily blogging tasks.

Instead of sweating the small stuff — or the major stuff that you don’t have a clue how to handle — consider working smarter by delegating tasks. This way, you can concentrate on the nitty gritty of bringing real value to your blog and clients/customers.

Here’s a great video that talks about delegation, your worth, and more:

How to Delegate Like a Millionaire Entrepreneur

Outsource Keyword Research

Do you know every valuable SEO keyword that you should target for your blog? There’s no way. Outsource or hire a keyword research specialist that will uncover the long tail keyword gems that you need to grow your blog. Here are a few keyword-related tasks that you can delegate:

  • SEMRush keyword research
  • Keyword position tracking
  • Competitor keyword tracking
  • Editorial calendar management
  • LSI keyword research (latent semantic indexing)

One could easily spend 10-15 hours per week on keyword research. This is precious time that you could use to write posts or form new affiliate marketing partnerships.

Outsource Proofreading and Copy Editing

Proofreading and copy editing are some of the most tedious, time-consuming, and generally thankless tasks that a blogger needs to indulge in.

You’ve already spent hours writing up the content. Why torture yourself with proofreading? You could use a fresh set of eyes to help you catch mistakes and improve the quality of your writing.

Hire someone to do it for you. Your eyes and your sanity will thank you.

Power tip: Develop and share a content style guide that you can share with proofreaders, copy editors, and other bloggers. This way, your style and voice can remain consistent on your blog.

Hire a Graphic Designer

Not many writers are also visual experts and that’s okay! When you want to take your visual assets to another level, your basic knowledge of Canva and Adobe Photoshop can only take you so far. You just might be better off hiring a professional graphic designer and/or photographer to furnish your blog with the killer images that it deserves.

Delegate Blog / WordPress Management

If you want to focus solely on writing and move on to your next post after finishing writing one, delegate your blog and WordPress management tasks. Knowing how to manage your WordPress blog is the key to getting the content that you worked hard on to potentially millions of readers. If you don’t know where to begin, your best bet is to quickly find an expert who does.

Help with Publishing Your Blog Posts and SEO Metadata

Creating and entering SEO metadata are tasks that may strike fear into your heart. This is particularly true if you aren’t up to speed on all of the latest onpage SEO developments. Metadata like SEO title and meta description are too important to ignore. Not entering them into a plugin like Yoast SEO or not optimizing them could lead to a loss of traffic and revenue. If mastering the purely nuts and bolts aspects of learning how to grow a blog through metadata optimization is your Achilles’ heel, outsourcing these matters to an expert is the smart money move.

Help with Security, WordPress Version and Plugin Updates

How secure is your blog? How well can it resist a nasty hacking attack? Do you know how to instantly strike off spam? The more secure you keep your blog, the more uptime you’ll enjoy for your readers and customers. This is why hacker prevention and having someone on hand to handle matters when a security emergency strikes.

Initiating WordPress version and plugin updates are crucial tasks to handle for your blog’s security. An experienced WordPress blog manager will also help you eliminate unnecessary plugins that could be a gateway for hackers. Having too many plugins will also slow down your blog’s speed, which is a negative for SEO and page rank.

If you don’t have the time or ability to properly manage your WordPress blog, you’d be well served to outsource or hire someone who does.

Hire Someone to Promote Your Articles Online

Social media is the most profitable area for you to advertise your blog at mass (unless you have a huge email list). Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn are the places where a single post can go viral in a matter of hours. A specialist in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn promotion can do wonders to promote your blog when you don’t have the time or skill to do it yourself. Since you can’t be everywhere on the web at once, it’s an excellent idea to hire the services of a social media manager.

Find a Link Building Partner

Link building is the process of getting your site linked to from other websites. It’s a discipline that’s built around establishing and nurturing key relationships with other bloggers. Link building can increase your traffic and Domain Authority score over time.

Do you have the time to spend cultivating link building relationships with other bloggers? If not, this is another task that is suited for delegation to a professional.

:Gasp: Outsource Your Writing

The biggest and most bitter pill to swallow for a capable writer is the occasional necessity to delegate a blog entry. But sometimes you have to bite down hard on your pride and outsource one of your favorite activities. You can do this through sites like Upwork or Textbroker or by handing it off to a trusted team member.

Power tips: Provide your writer with a creative brief for proper guidance. And do a thorough review of any blog post that you outsource.

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