Talking Podcasting and Content Marketing with Christoph Trappe

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We’re joined on the InspireFirst Podcast by content marketing extraordinaire Christoph Trappe. We talked about the benefits of podcasting, his show, Business Storytelling Podcast, and his new book, Content Performance Culture. We even also talked about his support of the NFL team formerly known as The Washington Redskins and what his take is on all of the organization’s changes.

More About Christoph Trappe

Christoph Trappe on the InspireFirst Podcast - talking storytelling, podcasting, and content marketing

Christoph Trappe is the host of the Business Storytelling Podcast and the author of Content Performance Culture. Christoph helps his clients move their marketing and communications from happening to performing by sharing unique stories more efficiently to reach their prospects and retain existing customers.

Christoph’s Podcast Recommendation

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