Talking Writing on Medium and Substack Newsletters with Casey Botticello

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Welcome to Episode 1 of the InspireFirst Podcast where we talk about the art and science of good writing. Our guest for this inaugural episode is none other than Casey Botticello. We speak with Casey about his insights and advice for publishing on Medium, doing email marketing with Substack, monetization of your writing, and the future of the publishing world.

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Casey Botticello is an internet entrepreneur and digital marketing consultant with over a decade of experience, creating and improving internet-based businesses. He is a top writer on Medium in numerous topics and is the editor of Medium Blogging Guide, the leading publication dedicated to helping writers achieve success on Medium.

InspireFirst Podcast Episode 1 featuring Casey Botticello - Talking Medium, Substack, and the future of publishing.
Casey Botticello joins us for episode 1

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