The Ultimate Writer: Guts, Versatility, Connecting

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All things must come to an end at some point. I’m back with Part 4 of the Ultimate Medium Writer series–the final installment in this fun series. I’ve been so thrilled to learn more about the writers who have been featured in the series. But most of all, I’ve been happy to show you how to be a better writer by highlighting key writing attributes. 

Part 4 of the Ultimate Medium Writer series has me walking into my Ultimate Writer Lab for the last time. This time, I’m working on fortifying our ultimate writer with Guts, Versatility, and Connecting.

After you read this final installment, please check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

To be clear, the following list of writers is based purely on my opinion. I don’t intend to disrespect anyone by leaving them off this Ultimate Medium Writer list. Let’s have fun with this.

The Ultimate Medium Writer Series Idea

If this is the first article that you’ve read in this series, allow me to give you the scoop on the idea. The Ultimate Medium Writer series was created from a daydream on how I would create the Ultimate Medium Writer based on 13 core writing attributes. I believe that these attributes are the most important to being an excellent writer. You don’t have to be good at every attribute, but excellence in a few of them would do wonders for your writing skills and career.

The 13 attributes for the Ultimate Medium Writer are:







Sense of Humor


Work Ethic





As you read this list of writer attributes from top-to-bottom, you will notice that I’m covering the all-encompassing eternal aura with Soul all the way down to the Ultimate Medium Writer’s “feet” with Connecting (with your readers and tribe).

Today, in Part 4 of this series, I’m focusing on the attributes of Guts, Versatility, and Connecting.

Let’s end this fun series on a strong note!

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When I think about writers having guts, I think about writers who aren’t afraid to cover difficult topics. There’s a certain class that I appreciate when writers cover sensitive topics. I considered all of these things when picking the Medium writer for this attribute.

Nikki Brueggeman is my choice for a writer that exemplifies classy courage or Guts. There are some heartbreaking and controversial true stories from history. Nikki is an excellent oral historian who does a good job of telling little-known stories behind history through the written word. Many of Nikki’s stories touch on racial injustice in the United States. I really appreciate her work.

A story by Nikki that highlights her guts to cover tough and controversial topics: How Minnesota Reminds The South It Was Bad At Rebellion

It’s a good story about the capturing of the Confederate flag during the U.S. Civil War and how it is still held in Minnesota to this day. The Confederate flag is always a controversial topic, and Minnesota’s holding on to the flag signifies that the Union won and that they won’t allow Confederate sympathizers to gloat over the flag’s return.


I appreciate writers who can write competently on various topics. It shows that they are flexible and that they can do more than pound the same drum over and over again. Versatile writers show a willingness to try new things, tackle new topics, and experiment with new approaches.

I didn’t think that I would repeat authors in this series, but here we are! Ryan Fan writes about so many different topics and he does it well! That’s why he’s my choice for Versatility. I mean, look at all of the categories in which he’s a Medium Top Writer (see below). Ryan’s versatile writing skills are undeniable.

Ryan Fan - Top Writer tags on Medium

Ryan was the writer whose DNA we tapped for the Vocabulary attribute. I guess it’s no surprise that a versatile writer would also have a vast lexicon!

Here are a couple of stories that showcase Ryan’s excellent range or versatility:

Writing: When Your Ideas Are Too Abstract

Sports: Leadership Lessons From The Best Coach in The NBA

Crime: The 11-Year-Old Serial Killer


Connecting is about building community with your readers. Fostering relationships and being helpful.

Sinem Günel has done a great job with her daily writing and publishing on Medium over the last year. But as impressive as her hard work is, her dedication to supporting her online writing community on Facebook is equally impressive.

Sinem Gunel - Medium Writing Academy - Facebook Group

The foundation for her platform is her disciplined daily writing routine. Here’s one of my favorite articles by Sinem:

13 Traits of People Who Are Good With Money

Well, that’s it for the Ultimate Medium Writer series! It was super fun to write this and inspire writers to learn how to be a better writer and discover their superpowers. Please let me know what you thought of the series.

Go read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 if you haven’t already.

I really appreciate your support!

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