10 Best Wall Bookshelves

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Wall bookshelves are an excellent way to organize your space. They take advantage of vertical space and transform it into a place for books or a few of your favorite things. You can also use them to add a unique style to your space, whether it is a home office, your bedroom, or your favorite reading corner.

Finding the best wall bookshelves

You have many different options when it comes to bookshelves that hang on the wall. When it comes to wall bookshelves ideas, you can find almost any style from minimalist to industrial or traditional. Floating bookshelves serve as wall art and as a way to get the most from small spaces.

Is it cheaper to buy or build a bookshelf?

Many DIY types immediately think that it is cheaper to build wall mounted bookshelves, but this is not always the case. You can purchase cheap wood and hardware, but by the time you sand it, stain or paint it, and mount it, it can be time-consuming. You also have to know how to build bookshelves on wall structures without destroying the wall surface. You will need tools like a cordless drill, the proper fasteners, a spirit level, tape measure, pens, and special anchors according to the type of wall material you have.

10 of our favorite wall bookshelves

Finding unique wall bookshelves can be tricky, but we have collected a few of our favorites to help you along with your search. These bookshelves are a few of our picks.

1. Industrial floating reclaimed bookshelf

Let’s start with one that is perfect for a set of office bookshelves. This four-tier bookshelf has a rustic feel and attaches securely to the wall with a single set of mounts. It has a classic look with reclaimed wood shelves and iron mounts. It is perfect for the bathroom, bedroom, office, kitchen, or any room of the home.

2. White floating bookshelves

This simple set of white floating bookshelves is perfect for a children’s room or any room of the home. They have a bar in front to keep things from unexpectedly falling off. They are easy to assemble and come with all of the mounting hardware you will need.

3. Modern corner bookshelf

This bookshelf is perfect for any style décor and allows you to take advantage of spaces that are typically not usable. These bookshelves can hold up to 20 pounds of books or anything else you wish to put on them. They have a retro style that is perfect for contemporary spaces.

4. Light wood floating bookshelves

These beautiful light wood bookshelves are minimalist and modern. They are easy to mount and are the perfect complement for lighter, neutral colors. They give a warm natural look to the room and will highlight your favorite reading collection.

5. Hexagonal honeycomb shelves

These deep wood-toned hexagonal honeycomb shelves are perfect for creating a unique piece of wall art that will match most modern styles. They are unusual and allow you to create a unique look in your space. You can use them in any room of the home, and you can arrange them to suit your space.

6. Spine bookshelf for small spaces

This spine bookshelf is perfect for maximizing small spaces. Its small size means you can tuck it anywhere and get more from your vertical space. They are perfect for a dorm room or small home office space that is tucked into a corner or even a closet.

7. Clear acrylic bookshelves

This set of clear acrylic bookshelves is narrow and perfect for displaying a few of your favorite front covers. You can also use them for a combination of pictures and books or a child’s collection of favorite small toys. These shelves are easy to mount and allow you to show off your collection.

8. Adjustable bookshelves

This set of bookshelves had to be included because they are adjustable. They have a classic design, and you can configure them any way you wish as your needs change. This is an excellent idea for office wall bookshelves or for a writing nook.

9. U-shaped solid wood bookshelves

These solid oak bookshelves are versatile, and you can arrange them in any configuration that you please. They are the perfect choice for the book collector, and you can purchase as many as you need for those occasional impulse buys in the best-sellers section of your local bookstore. This is also an excellent set for a home office or as a decorative shelf in any room

10. Wall mounted desk

Not everyone has space for a desk. This is the perfect solution for those who need just a bit of workspace and a few drawers. It has a modern, industrial design with plenty of space for books, office supplies, or a few of your collectibles.

Now you have a few ideas for wall bookshelves for a holiday gift or for reorganizing your space. If you still need more ideas you might want to check out these useful writing tools or best desk lamps for artists and writers. Sometimes, the gift of organization is the best gift you can give someone else or give yourself for starting the new year off right.

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