The Best Desk Lamp for Writers

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Having good lighting is important for writers and artists. A lack of good lighting can cause eyestrain, which can lead to headaches and other health problems. General lighting, such as that produced by your ceiling light, is not enough, and investing in a good task light can help your work and protect your health. We have put together a list of our seven top picks for the best desk lamp for artists and writers.

Difference Between General and Task Lighting

Before we get into the lamps that we recommend, let’s explore what task lighting is and why you need to have the right lighting for your workspace. General lighting is sometimes referred to as ambient lighting. It’s the type of light from recessed ceiling lights, pendant lights, and ceiling-mounted lights. This type of light fixture is designed to spread the light over a large area and is often not enough for performing close work.

Accent lighting is only meant to highlight an architectural feature. Task lighting is designed to provide concentrated light on a smaller area to help reduce eye strain when doing work that requires your eyes to do close focus for long periods. General lighting in the room is not a substitute for task lighting when it comes to protecting your eyes from strain.

Most experts suggest that you need both general and task lighting in the room if you are doing any type of reading or close work. They also suggest that you consider the temperature of the lighting, too. Older-style incandescent lights give a warm light that has a soft glow, but these are getting more difficult to find. Now, you can choose bulbs that mimic natural light or that mimic the warmth of incandescent ones.

Eye care professionals recommend that you avoid light on the blue end of the spectrum as much as possible because it can cause long-term damage to the retina. (Speaking of blue light, don’t miss our best blue light glasses list.) The best home desk setup is one that includes both general and task lighting in the right color temperature. You can also find many artistic desk lamps that fit the style of your space, too. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites.

Best Desk Lamp for Artists and Writers

When compiling this list of our favorite desk lamps, we considered several things. These were mounting type, ability to adjust the neck, space it takes up on the desk, and bulb type that it accepts. Now, let’s explore our top picks.

1. Artemide Tolomeo Desk Lamp

Artemide was originally an Italian company that has a long-standing reputation for quality lighting. They are known for creative lighting solutions that are both practical and made with a distinctive modern design. The Artemide Tolomeo desk lamp is an excellent choice because its design allows you to concentrate the light where you need it most. It has a sturdy base and long arm that articulates in a way that allows you to focus the light exactly where you need it most.

This one has a glass shade that is a parchment color. This gives it a warm glow. It is made from aluminum and uses an LED-T bulb. Overall, this is a high-quality light that is stable and allows you to place the light in almost any position on your desk.

2. Grasshopper Desk Lamp for the Floor

Greta Grossman was a mid-century designer who was known for minimalist, Scandinavian-style lighting. Now, retro styles are being incorporated into a range of modern interior styles. The Grasshopper Lamp was named for its resemblance to the insect in line and form. If your space is limited, then a Grasshopper desk lamp might take up too much space. This floor lamp might be a good alternative.

This lamp has a sleek, modern style and has a stable base. It has a long cord that allows you to move it around, and it has an adjustable shade. It accepts a range of bulbs, including LED, CFL, halogen, and Wi-Fi-enabled color-changing bulbs. It is an excellent choice if you are limited in desk space and want a modern design.

3. Xiaomi Pro

The Xiaomi Desk Lamp Pro is one of our top picks for several reasons. The first is that is flicker-free, and it is dimmable. These two features make it an excellent choice for task lighting if your goal is to reduce eye strain. It also has a small footprint on the desk.

One thing that could be improved is that it only has one point of articulation on the arm, but it makes up for this in the area covered by the light bar. This desk has a PC mode that protects your eyes by allowing a setting that reduces blue light. It also has a Kids Mode that is designed for the sensitive eyes of children. It accepts LED bulbs only.

4. OttLite Destin LED Desk Lamp

If you are looking for something simple that just gets the job done, then this lamp might be the best option. It is similar to a Pottery Barn Desk Lamp, only it does not have the Pottery Barn Desk Lamp price. It has a modern design and an adjustable shade. It accepts LED bulbs and is a good alternative for those who just want something inexpensive without a lot of features.

5. BenQ LED Desk Lamp

The BenQ LED desk lamp is one of our top picks for many reasons. The most important reason is that it was designed with your eye health in mind. It is designed to produce no glare and you can change the color temperature to suit your needs. It has a fully adjustable swing arm and a modern, curved design.

This lamp accepts LED bulbs and does not flicker. It also has an auto-dimming mode that automatically adjusts the brightness according to the amount of natural light available. This is the best desk lamp for artists and writers on the list as far as eye health is concerned.

6. XIDDL Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging

This one is a lower-priced option, and we included it because it has a lot of capabilities besides serving as a task lamp. It can charge Qi-compatible devices, and it has a soft, anti-glare, non-flickering light. It also can show the date, temperature, and time. This lamp can do a lot of things, but the actual light quality and ability to adjust the lamp to where you need it is limited. This one is dimmable and does allow you to rotate it to several angles.

7. LEPOWER Metal Floor Lamp

Standing desks are becoming more popular due to the detrimental effect on your health of sitting long periods. Ergotron is one of the leading makers of standing desks and products designed for working while standing. The one thing that is missing from their product line is an Ergotron standing desk lamp, but we think this one would be a good substitute. This might not be an Ergotron standing desk lamp, but it has some features that make it an excellent choice. Its adjustable arm can be fixed to any position, and it has a clean, professional design. It accepts standard LED bulbs.

Now you have a few ideas for the best desk lamp for artists and writers at a wide range of prices. When designing your home office, lighting should be a priority. If you need some more home office ideas for writers, you might want to check out our list of best headphones for writers to create the perfect space for productivity.

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