12 Best Literary Gifts for Book Lovers

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We all have that one friend who always seems to have their nose in a book. Their rooms are filled from floor to ceiling with bookshelves that are overflowing. You do not want to get them another book for fear that they already have it, but there are other ways to satisfy the bookworms on our holiday list. Here are our best suggestions for literary gifts for those bibliophiles in your life.

What is a good literary gift?

Sometimes, finding gifts for bookworms can be challenging. For those in your life who have an insatiable love of reading, you know that they love everything to do with books. Of course, we know that you often listen intently for hints of new titles they would love to have on their shelves, but there are plenty of literary-inspired items that are sure to please. These gifts might give them a little something unexpected that they will love.

12 of Our Favorite Literary Gifts

Here are some of our favorite unique gifts for readers that are sure to spark your imagination.

1. The book lover’s journal

One of the best gifts for book lovers is a journal to keep track of their reading experiences. This journal has a place to record books that they have read, books on their reading list, books they have lent to others, and inspiration for future reading. It has a sturdy cover and is 216 pages long. Depending on the level of their literary addiction, you might want to get two, so they have plenty of space.

2. Old Books scented candle

We know that one of the things we have heard our literati friends talk about is how they love the smell of old books. We might not understand it, or maybe we do, but we do know that they just can’t get enough of that smell. This Paddywax Author scented candle is one of the best simple gifts for book lovers on Amazon.

3. Cactus bookends

Book, cactus, and succulent lovers tend to be one and the same. When looking for unique bookish gifts, why not choose something that appeals to not one but two of their passions? These bookmarks are adorable and will help them keep their favorite treasures upright and in perfect condition for their next reading binge.

4. Book planters

We have found the perfect complement to the cactus bookends and old book candles mentioned earlier. These book planters are perfect for succulents. They will add life to the bookshelf and will make the perfect complement to their favorite literary treasures. They are made from resin and can be watered without risking ruining the precious books on the shelf.

5. Favorite author teas

We know that a good cup of tea is the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon of indulging in your favorite mystery or romance novel. This collection from Etsy of literary-themed teas will be sure to delight and is one of our favorites gifts for book lovers Etsy has to offer. You can enjoy flavors that honor their favorite authors like C.S. Lewis, Edgar Allan Poe, Agatha Christie, Virginia Woolf, and many others. They offer a selection of flavors. It is difficult to think of a gift that is more perfect for those who love to enjoy a cup of tea with their favorite books.

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6. Nightime organizer and charging station

For the book lover who likes to enjoy their favorites on their electronic devices before drifting off to sleep, this nighttime organizer might be one of the best literary gifts Amazon has to offer. This handsome organizer allows you to charge any of your devices and has a place for your journal, pen, and anything else you need. You can use it to keep your favorite pair of reading glasses handy, too. It is a gift everyone who likes to read at night will enjoy.

7. Multipurpose organizer

This organizer can be tucked under the mattress, used over an armchair, or folded, and used as a carry-along organizer. It can hold your books, iPad, tablet, and remotes. It is the perfect bedside caddy or organizer for your favorite reading chair. It has plenty of pockets and two holes for charging cables to keep everything in its place.

8. Book safe

This might look like any other book on the shelf, but it is actually a hidden safe. The center is hollow and is the perfect size for keeping items like credit cards, documents, precious photos, and other small valuables. It also has a lock and key system for double protection. If you put it beside the Thesaurus, no one will ever suspect that it is anything more than a common dictionary, making it a clever security solution.

9. Audible membership

An Audible gift membership is a perfect way to please the book lover who likes to listen to their favorite selections while they are out and about. You can choose from durations of one month up to one year. Audible gives your special person over 500,000 titles from which to choose, and they can listen on almost any device.

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10. Comfortable reading stand for bed or sofa

This beautiful, minimalist design book stand is perfect for reading in bed or on the sofa. It is the perfect size for a laptop and a cup of tea. It is also an excellent companion for those who like to journal first thing in the morning or the last thing at night. This reading stand is a great rest for a traditional book, too.

11. Bedside lamp with Bluetooth speaker

This unique bedside lamp is also a Bluetooth speaker. Your book fan can listen to their books from any Bluetooth-enabled device. It is also an alarm clock. The lamp can be set to change light colors to create a comfortable environment for sleep and enjoying your favorite stories.

12. Kindle reader sleeve and organizer

If you know someone who is getting a Kindle for the Holidays, this Kindle sleeve and organizer will be the perfect accessory. It fits any device up to six inches and will also fit the Kindle Oasis e-Reader. The bag has a special pouch for your cables and earbuds, too. You can choose a range of colors from classic gray to purple, so you can find something to suit everyone.

We tried to include a little of something for everyone on our list of favorite literary gifts. You also might consider some ideas from our list of the best headphones for writers and best blue light glasses for writers. Now you have a few ideas of gifts your book lover will enjoy the entire year as they pursue their favorite passion.

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