The 7 Best Blue Light Glasses for Writers in 2021

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Today, we spend more time sitting at our computers and staring at screens than ever in the past. While this might seem harmless, we now know more about the effects of blue light and that this screen time can cause some significant health issues. One solution is to limit the amount of time that we spend in front of screens, but that is not an option for many of us. Another solution is to purchase a pair of custom blue light glasses to help filter it out.

Why blue light blocking?

First, let’s talk about what blue light is, and why it is such a concern. Natural sunlight contains many different types of light across a wide range of spectrums, including blue light. Blue light helps regulate our sleep cycles, enhances cognition, improves memory, elevates mood, and has many other functions. In the amounts found in natural sunlight, blue light is necessary, but in the amounts to which we are exposed through our screens on a daily basis, it can be harmful.

According to leading optometrists, approximately 60% of all people spend at least six hours a day in front of their screens, and this can cause eye strain. Over time, this eye strain can lead to permanent eye damage, including retinal damage and macular degeneration. It also affects our sleep quality, and that can have some serious side effects. Blue light glasses help to filter out blue light and can lessen the effects of excessive screen use.

Do blue light glasses really work? The melanin in our eyes can block normal amounts of blue light, but it cannot block the excessive exposure we receive in our screen-filled lives. Blue light glasses contain filters that reduce the amount of blue light exposure to your eyes. Some of them also offer photochromic lenses that adjust to changing levels of light, offer UV protection, and have anti-glare coatings.

Our Favorite Custom Blue Light Glasses

Not all blue light lenses are the same, and not all of them do a good job of blocking blue light. Each of them has pros and cons. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. PROSPEK Computer Glasses for Women

This is an excellent pair of blue light blocking glasses in a style that is suitable for women. They have a durable frame design that is lightweight and comfortable. This pair also comes with a hard case to protect them when not in use. They reduce about 50% of blue light.


  • Attractive color and style
  • Comes with hard case
  • Lightweight, durable frame design
  • Reduces blue light by 50%
  • Clear lenses


  • Not in a style suitable for men
  • Some blue light still gets through
  • Does not have magnification

2. Firmoo Vintage Style for Women

This is an adorable vintage-style pair of blue light blocking glasses. They are available with some magnification. These glasses feature an anti-reflective lens and reduce glare. They are comfortable and have a durable acetate frame design . This pair has a light yellow tint, which is lighter than the amber ones that are typically found. They offer clear vision and do no add distortion.


  • Anti-glare
  • Vintage-Style
  • Has a light yellow tint
  • Clear, no distortion
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Not styled for men
  • Limited magnification available
  • Does not comes with a case

3. Firmoo Round Unisex UV400

This pair of Firmoo blue light glasses also blocks UV400 wavelengths. They are a style that is suitable for both men and women. You can even remove these lenses and have your eyecare professional replace them with your prescription ones.


  • For both men and women
  • Lightweight frame design
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Can replace with prescription lenses
  • Classic, round design


  • Does not mention percent of blue light blocked
  • Fits average head sizes but not all
  • No case included

4. ANRII for Men

This pair of blue light glasses is in a style that is advertised for men, but many women might like them, too. They block 90% of the blue light from screens, which means that they are highly effective in doing what they were designed to do. The frame is made of tough polycarbonate, but they do not offer magnification. They come with a hard case and cleaning kit.


  • Blocks 90% of blue light
  • Tough polycarbonate lenses
  • Lightweight frame design
  • Classic style for men
  • Comes with hard case and cleaning kit


  • Might not fit heads that are larger or smaller
  • Does not have anti-glare properties
  • Does not offer magnification

5. Luvho Unisex

This pair of blue light glasses has smart styling that both men and women will love. The vintage, retro look is suitable for both casual and business wear. They have a metal bridge and stainless steel hinges that are built to last. Overall, this pair has a high-quality feel and will fit most average people. The frame design is flexible, and they have anti-scratch lenses. They are designed specifically for offices that have fluorescent lights.


  • Filters blue light and UV400
  • Anti-glare non-polarized lenses
  • High-quality feel
  • Perfect for office or gaming
  • Style suitable for office
  • Comes with a hard case
  • Anti-scratch lenses


  • Does not have magnification available
  • Might not fit all head sizes

6. LifeArt for men and women

This pair of blue light glasses is one of the best in terms of blocking both blue light and UV light. They block 85% of blue light and 100% of UV light. The style can be worn by both men and women. They have lightweight, comfortable frame design that is thin but durable. The lenses are light yellow and reduce screen glare.


  • Filters most blue light and all UV light
  • Optional magnification from 0 – 4.0
  • Lightweight, thin, and comfortable
  • High-quality hinges
  • Stylish for both men and women
  • Reduces screen glare


  • Might not fit everyone
  • No case included

7. Zennotic Round Frame

For those who prefer round frames, this pair is an excellent choice. It is a style that is suitable for both men and women. The frame is stiff for those who prefer a less flexible frame. They come with a soft case and neck strap. They are lightweight and designed to reduce pressure on the nose. You can get this pair in a range of magnifications and frame colors.


  • Lightweight, firm frame
  • For both men and women
  • Comes with soft case and neck strap
  • Reduces pressure on nose


  • Does not block UV
  • Hard case would be nice

Custom blue light glasses will help reduce eye strain and help you get better sleep. Any of the ones on this list will do a good job filtering blue light. While you are designing a workspace that is built for comfort and productivity, you might want to check out our list of best headphones for writers and best laptops. Creating a comfortable, healthy work environment is the best thing you can do for your productivity and overall health, not to mention your writing!

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