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The Best Notebook for Writers

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As writers and artists, we often use the computer for most of our work, but some of us still prefer to use a notebook and pen for our sketches and ideas. There is a good reason for this, and if you are in the habit of using your laptop all the time, you need to think about trying an ordinary notebook for your planning and ideas. Let’s explore the advantages of various notebooks that are available and how they can improve your creativity.

Why Use a Notebook?

There is something tactile and wonderful about using a notebook and pen for journaling and doing the planning stages of a project. Many find that they can allow ideas to flow much more freely with this old-school way of capturing our thoughts. There is some science behind this.

When we were children, one of our early experiences was with a crayon and paper. We learned to associate a writing implement and paper with creativity and expression. Another reason is that writing with a pen and paper uses a different part of the brain than typing on a computer, one that is more connected to the creative side of the brain. That is why a writer’s journal is important in our creative process.

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When choosing a notebook, quality is important. The best quality writing paper will accept the ink well and will not allow the ink to bleed through to the other side of the paper. You also need to consider a bound notebook vs spiral. A spiral notebook allows you to rip out pages, but a bound notebook is better for archival work. Sometimes, you want to give yourself the constraint that you cannot erase or rip out pages, so a bound notebook might be best for those free-thought projects.

Best Notebook for Writers

We know that you want to get back to work, so we have saved you some time by including a few of our favorite notebooks for writers.

1. Yoobi Spiral Notebook

The Yoobi spiral notebook is a brand for those who want a simple, spiral writers journal. They make a wide range of notebooks in many different sizes. The paper feels solid and accepts ink well. I like their college-ruled notebooks best, but that is just my personal preference. I suggest getting a variety pack of them in different colors. Keeping a separate notebook for each project is an excellent way to stay organized and keep all of your ideas in one place. They are three-hole-punched, so you can easily put them in a binder. The only drawback is that each one only has 100 sheets, which might not be enough for larger projects.

2. Maleden Writing Journal

A Smythson of Bond Street Notebook is the next step up when it comes to the best notebook for writers. Smythson of Bond Street Notebook is crafted in England, but you cannot always find them in the United States. In my opinion, a good alternative is this leather writing journal by Maleden. It has a soft leather cover, and it has a refillable diary and sketchbook. It has a classic feel for capturing your thoughts. If you do not like the anchor or decorations, you can remove them, but I think it has a well-traveled look.

3. Faux Leather Notebook

We included this notebook for two reasons. The first is that it is ruled and has thick paper. The second is that its faux leather cover is durable and soft to the touch. You could tuck this notebook in anywhere and easily take it along with you. If you want a custom printed one just like it, you could choose one of the 4imprint Notebooks. 4imprint notebooks allow you to print your name or initials on the cover, but this one is a good alternative for those who want a quality, generic notebook.

4. Custom Logo Leather Notebook

I personally like this notebook because it has a classic look, and you can have it personalized. It has paper that feels high-quality and will not bleed through. This custom logo leather notebook has a distinguished, classic look and is the perfect journal for capturing your thoughts. It is a little more expensive than some of the other options on the list, but it is worth it for a good journal. This one would also make an excellent gift.

5. Moleskine Leather Notebook

Moleskine notebooks have been around for a while, and they continue to be a favorite for writers. The paper is durable and accepts ink well. The covers are tough and perfect for travel. They have a classic look, and you can use the band to keep them nice and neat. These are excellent notebooks for putting in your carry-on luggage so that you can get some work done while you travel. The Moleskine leather notebook is one of my favorites.

6. National Brand Notebooks

National Brand Notebooks are made for professional use. They have archival quality paper and a durable cover. They are well-bound so the pages will not become loose. I prefer these notebooks for keeping records that I want to keep for a long time. I have accidentally spilled coffee on them, and they dried out with only a little staining, but my writing was still intact. There is a reason why laboratories and research scientists use this brand.

7. Ergotron Standing Desk

Of course, no office is complete without a standing desk. The Ergotron Standing Desk is an excellent choice for those who want to avoid sitting for long periods. It is a work surface that you can roll around anywhere you want, and it is adjustable. Standing while working has been shown to improve focus and add a little movement into the day, both of which are excellent for your health and career.

This standing desk is a great choice because it is sturdy and has a place for your tablet and coffee. The casters are lockable, so you can keep them from rolling around if you do not want them to. With your favorite notebook and this desk, you have everything you need to let your creativity flow.

Now that you have our recommendations for the best notebook for writers, you might also want to check out a few other writing tools to go with your notebook. Lighting is important for your workspace, so don’t miss our favorite desk lamps, either. Having the right tools and setting up your workspace properly is the first step to boosting your productivity and achieving your writing goals.

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